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Only have 2 RCs left, an HPI Ken Block WR8 Flux with the Gymkhana Five edition Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V.. Also have a 2017 Traxxas Mustang GT. All clods and monsters have now been sold. :(
So have you taken over from Steven and his league of bots that ruined the site? Just wondering, I don't recognize your name. I run the and RCMT Originals Facebook pages as well and was an admin on this site until his bots took over and kicked me off. I will offer up my services once again if I am needed. Been on here 20 years+ now. Thanks, Nick OP
My name is Ryan, I live on the big Island of Hawaii. Do you or know anyone who has an innerbeecrew I rock chassis for sale?
Nice way to list in the B/S/T. Very well put together. Thank you! Wish more people would do that.

Joe :)
Thanks Joe, Sorry for the very late response. I didnt see it till now. lol!
Good morning Kent.

I contacted Paypal today and sorted out my problem! Unfortunately you are going to have to wait for the e-cheque to clear. :(
Thanks again

Hello Kevin, I was told that you might be the person to get a hold of for the RCMT.NET stickers. Let me know. Thanks!
tried to reply to your post... Glad the chassis made it and your are satisfied. Your Mail box is full.
nrctpaXpres president of the NR/CTPA we need to know how to get a banner at the top of the page
how can I get one of those cool banners on the rcmt for the 2012 NR/CTPA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS
There you go, now you have my feedback. I guess I won't smell that $7 you owe me ...