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Hi John here from Ontario Canada. First off, I'm a novice and I am new here. Please don't drag me through the dirt because of my lack of knowledge in the sport.
I just recently retired from 22 years of commercial diving and I'm finding myself very board on the surface, with a lot of spare time on my hands, so I took up off road nitro trucks as a hobby.

I just recently bought an XTM X Factor 2 roller. It's on it's way to me now. I was told the truck is fairly old model dating to about 10 years, but it was one of the only 1/8 nitro crawlers commercially produced.

Right now, I am currently running a CEN Genesis 7.7 Monster truck. Both trucks are 1/8 scale. I have 3 brand new GST 7.7 NX-76 Big BLOCK Engines for it. I buy them up whenever I see one come on sale because they are hard to find. So far I absolutely love this beefy off road engine. It is an absolute powerhouse beast and so far extremely durable. My question is this???? I want to use one of the GST 7.7s in the X Factor. Has anyone on the forum dropped a 7.7 in their X factor???? + What will I need in the way of engine mounts/ shims, clutch bell, what size spur/ tooth count for best bottom end? Will the x factor tranny handle the 7.7 torque etc.. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time... John
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The XTM X Factor is not a crawler. Guys converted them to electric and competed in the Super class at crawler comps.

The X Factor came with the XTM 24.7, which is a 4.02cc motor. The Genesis 7.7 has a 7.7cc motor.

The X-Factor uses the same diffs, ring and pinion as the XTM Mammoth 1/8 Nitro MT(indy suspension), so the engine upgrade shouldn't be an issue where durability is concerned. Drivability is another issue. The Mammoth also came with an XTM 24.7 motor.


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Ya I seen these X factors in person and they are impressive even stock, they love to wheelie right over.:D

I almost bout one for 350 bucks that had some sort of axial big block, and some long since discontinued alloy hop up's.:(

Around the same time I ordered a TXT-1 witch ia also great, but If I could go back I would take that used dusty X factor over the new in box txt-1 anyday:rolleyes

I went full circle with clods to txt's to scale rock crawlers, now Im back to what i always like most nitro monster trucks only:cool


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Well I finally got some free time to myself so I started my X Factor re-build mock up and thought I would share it with you. I'm excited about this re-build, I think it's going to be a killer truck.

First off I rebuilt the tranny with all case hardened gearing. I bought everything in duplicate as spares in the case of breakdowns. The x Factor has been out of production for some time. . These parts where hard to find, I had to purchase almost all my parts from Europe.

One of the biggest problems I read about with the XTM X Factor is that it has a horribIe center of gravity and because of it's narrowness in comparison to it’s height, was extremely prone to rollover. I added the one inch axel extentions, that accompanied with the one inch recess in the Amex kong rims gives me an extra 2 inches extention per wheel, for a massive width of a full 21 inches compared to the stock 17 inches and a wicked individual axel articulation of 20 inches, compared to the stock 16 inches. I don't think center of gravity is a problem any longer.

I talked about installing the CEN 7.7 GST engine, but instalation proved to be more trouble than it was worth and it's just too much engine for this truck. In the end, I decided on a new LRP Z28R off road engine. The LRP Z 28 is a great offroad engine and I think will be a good choice for this truck.

For body choice, I went with Proline's 56 Ford 1/2 ton. I started laying out the body design last night. I should have the body layout finished by the weekend. I'm going oldschool, with freehand goldleaf pinstriping backed with either antique metallic burgundy or Spaz Stix Candy Rootbeer. I also bought two new original X Factor stock replacement bodies. I'm still waiting on some parts, or I would be a little further along.

That's about it for now, I'll keep you posted as I go along..


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That thing looks great, reminds me of the mid 2000's, it too bad they discontinued them.

Very similar to the one I seen in a hobby shop that is now long gone years ago. But your is cleaner and better overall.

The body choice is nice too.


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Nice truck ! I have a XFactor 2 as well. Mine has never touched the ground. Its one of my
favorites in my collection.



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Hi John, nice to see a fellow x-factor owner. I just rejoined the hobby after a 14 year break. I am currently restoring an original x-factor that I got from my brother. The truck is really nice; I had one too but sold it about 10 years ago. Retired myself and was looking to make the northern NY winters go a little faster so here I am back in the sport!

Mine is missing the rear muffler and the receiver battery box. The box is no big deal but I cannot find a muffler anywhere! I'm hoping someone will see this that may have one in their old parts box.

Thanks for posting the pics and I would like to see another one when it is finished!



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I'm also new to this forum, but I literally just registered because I actually found this X-factor thread that's still alive!

I also just returned to rc nitro trucks after over 10 years, and I dug out my original Savage .21 and X-factor 2. I'm so surprised these x-factors disappeared off the face of the earth, it is hands-down my favorite nitro 1/8th of all time.

I, too am scouring Europe and Australia for parts so I can enjoy this truck without fear of breaking thigs and being unable to fix them!
For now, it's running well and looks great completely stock like the day I brought it home 10 years ago.

I hope you guys keep in touch on this thread if us last few x-factor owners have questions for each other!


Edit - Rick, I've seen lots of x-factors that have nice tuned pipes. Honestly, the original xtm dual pipe isn't great for performance, and it sits right on the back edge ofthe body which scuffs it and dries out the lexan body. You can put any tuned pipe on, but if you just want the novelty of having the original pipe, I get it. :) I have only found pipes on roller x-factors on eBay.
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Quick question for you guys,

Are the universal driveshafts the same, front and rear?

Edit: I see, the rear shaft has a hex lug for the brake pads to grab.

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