Who's Into Photography??

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Here's my new toy!! It's a Nikon D7200 DSLR. The problem of having expensive hobbies is one has to suffer while the other prospers.

Here it is next to my D7100, which had been glitching for the past year and needed repair, so I finally replaced it.

What do you use??


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I have a canon SL1 DSLR and 4 lenses for it also.

That's how you get nice shots like these I took.


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I bought my first DSLR last year, a Nikon D3300. Pretty happy with it so far, mainly bought it to try action shots at the r/c events I go to. Never can get good shots, always blurry truck or blurry everything. Hopefully this camera changes that, I got some decent star pictures at night, in town, with some slight tampering (still learning ISO, etc.)

Was pitch black outside when I took these