What's A Good Engine For A Maxx?


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I'm looking for an engine for my T-Maxx.
The original pro.15 won't stay running even if I can get it started.
I'm interested in a .18, so can anyone suggest one that would drop into an original Maxx.
I'm on a rather tight budget so I'm trying to find the most bang for my buck.
I had looked at the Orion Wasp and one made by Epic, but then the Van had problems so the cash in hand went else were.


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What about the Traxxas 2.5R, or the OS CR-RX .18? Those both scream from what I hear.

I would go with the OS 18 CVRX my self. It's super cheap. The X just stands for pull start. Of course you'll have to cut the shaft down for use in a Tmaxx.


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You could go to a .20 w/ the 3.3 at about $70-$80 w/ engine replacement program. Loads of torque, unstoppable power, and unbeliveable speed. Direct bolt-in.
The 2.5 engine would be my suggestion since your on a tight budget.
Simply trade up your tired 1.5TRX for a new 2.5TRX for about $75.
Contact Traxxas for those details.
The 3.3 is another affordable option, but the added torque may require further driveline upgrades.

To date, IMO the 2.5TRX is by far the BEST small block engine ever produced.
The RB 323 TM is an EXCELLENT engine.
Sirio also has a rebuild kit for the 2.5TRX that significantly IMPROVES upon the 2.5TRX engines already phenominal performance.
Im not a fan of OS 2 stroke car engines, over rated and over inflatted IMO.

Good Luck.


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let us not for get he is working with what i'll call the version 1 T-maxx
so you would be a head to stay with a side exhust engine
with that in mind
I have a real nice orio 18 that just runs greate
I also think trinity makes a small block 21 that with there convertion kit ( I think just engine mounts) is a good deal too
good luck
side exhust engine
True but any "hi performance" (read expensive) side exhaust engine wont perform as well as a "sport" (read afordable) rear exhaust engine.

If your going to spend the money, why not get the biggest bang for the buck?
Traxxas may even offer a kit to install a 2.5 engine on the 1.5 T-Maxx.

A complete "drop in" 2.5 engine assembly (brand new, removed from NIP T-Maxx 2.5) that includes the ez start assembly, pipe, header w/spring, header gasket, exhaust coupling, air filter and motor mount, averages $135.00 on E-Bay.
May need to install a linkage post assembly to adapt to a slide carb, an easy addition. That slide carb assembly might cost another $8.00 (w/S&H).

Given an unlimited budget, I dare you to find a side exhaust engine (even with aftermarket exhaust) thats even equivelant in performance and/or as user friendly as the TRX 2.5 (w/stock exhaust).


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What about a motor for my maxx? Looking at the os, another 3.3 and picco. Stumbled across the losi 3.4. Does anyone know if that's a drop in fit for the 4907? Will the ez start bolt up?

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