TTR Tremor Pro Prototype


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Nice! Looks like they have modified the centre part of the chassis from the original. Here is a pic of mine below to compare:

Excited another truck is in the works from my favourite clod builders. Keep us posted as to when they are available, love my Tremor, Centurion & Ripper Pro haha

Supreme Reign

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Here's the current status of the new Tremor Pro kit.
Chassis,Links,Mounts (Shocks,Upper link), Rear Lockout, BTA Steering
G10: $375 (Estimated)
Carbon: $450 (Estimated)

It's not listed on the TTR site yet, so you'd have to email Brad to get one, or send a PM to ThunderVP.
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Thunder VP

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This is not the final production version yet. A few minor changes are still being made but its close.
Changes from the original: Shorter chassis frame rails to fit a larger range of bodies.
Lay-down battery like the Ripper Pro. Lexan roll cage, new BTA steering.
Prices are estimated but should be close. (shocks, gearcases, electronics, wheels & tires not included)
Availability will be limited especially in CF.