Truckster !


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Here are some way way overdue pictures that need posted . Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold have been busy so here is a update on their rides.... and Ive been busy with the new baby and house remodeling. Enjoy the pictures !

Cousin Eddie getting the RV ready



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"Sh!##ers full..."

LOL awesome build. Love the family truckster also. Where did you get that station wagon body?


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I made the wagon body .
the Christmas tree also lights up and blinks and you have to have Cousin eddies puppy Snots . I bet you didn't know Cousin Eddie was into RC trucks



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That's sweet looks like you need a tetanus shot after touching it! LOL! Now that's scale


Once again those two builds are just too cool...amazing! As a big fan of the vacation series of movies I can really appreciate these.