Tlt Belt Tensioner


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You can put a belt tensioner on the stock tranny a few different ways. I wanted to use stock parts to keep the cost down and to just see if it could be done, especially since I have a B4 tranny waiting until I feel like putting it in - so this is what I did...

Parts from the kit:
(2) Metal Bearings (from the cant's) - BL3
(2) 5x11 plasic bearings - BL2
(1) Damper link collar - BF3
(1) M3x25 screw (the black one) - BA1
(1) M3 flange nut - BB5

also need a 7/64 drill bit

In order to determine where to drill the hole for the screw, you must make sure the belt will be tight enough to prevent slipping, yet not so tight to put too much of a load on the motor. I found that 1-3/8" up from the bottom, and 7/16" in from the spur gear side, was perfect for me. You may have to assemble the bearings on the link collar and place it against the belt to determine the hole location. I just made one hole, but you can make an elongated hole or slot to make it adjustable - your call, I'm sure it will work just fine that way too.

^^^^Assemble in the order in the picture above - **note direction of BF3** ^^^^

If you have any questions or comments, free free to post, PM or email - thanks!


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Looks good, I will definitely do this mod on my Boyer when I have some free time. Thanks for the tip! :)

william g

Russ that's a great modification, I'll pin this as it's important to help keep costs down for most "casual" tlt builds.