TLT-1 rock buster none crawler!


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Chassis mounted servo placement idea

So... after fiddling around an wanting more vertical travel available on the front of the truck I've come up with this idea.

Now... the idea came across as I was looking at the wheely king's bell crank steering an with the new found space in my truck using a 1/16 mini revo trans.. I have room for it just have no clue on the geometry and yes I'd need to make a front 4link plate with a spot to add a bellcrank arm or whatever its called on the axle to achieve steering.

So what ya guys thing good idea or horribly horrible bad idea? I'd also be looking to possibly use my saddle pack lipos that i've had sitting for a while to give the truck a slight rear weight bias cause with a 2cell shorty up front its close to 50/50 though if i jump it I have to keep the gas on to keep it level.


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New Goodies in the mail (pic heavy)

Well good news got my shocktowers an my front 4 link plate.

Shock placement is just about center of the fenders!

Mounted the servo on the front normally for now as does let me test to see if I did that all right so far looks like least my 4link truss like mount for the axles work like a treat!

Now the shock towers I didn't realize this till it was to late but... the front end has slightly different geometry then the rear.
Oh well also somehow managed to miss measure the distance between the frame rail holes so the rear is atleast held in by two holes while the front holds by one.
noticed a little rubbing by the shock caps on the TLR shocks so will need to address that to.. that an right now with how the truck sits I need to raise the shock mounts up about another 12mm to help lower the suspension.



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its been a while but I did get my wheel spacers all finished up for stretching the masher 2ks to the wider beadlocks and I ended up trimming up an lowering the body as much as possible. Shocks are still way to stiff for the trucks weight but one day i'll stumble apon something!