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A few years ago got a Nitro XRC from Wallmart and after a few runs i drove though a puddle and all the magic smoke came out of the electronics board (Yup just a toy) so i put it on the shelf and forgot about it.

I was doing whatever the other day and found it so i took it all apart and decided to try to fix it. the engine was done for so i took it out and looked over and saw an electric motor and it fits almost perfectly where the nitro motor was. So my plan is to make a steel plate to mount the electric motor to and put in a normal pinion and spur gear. the spur gear that came with it will become an adapter for the normal one. :pics coming soon!


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More :pics

stock body(which be came my basher body)

just one Q. i want to use the stock servo but everything was tied to the 'motherboard' so im not sure which coloured wires go where Im thinking

servo= Black-Black =rx plug
servo= Red-Red =rx plug
servo= Green-Whit =rx plug

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