tamiya brat TLT experiment

william g

Another member had built one, but e-payed it before we had a good look
so I decided to build one from all the parts around here.

not hard, pede front upright trimmed just a bit and it fits in the
frog/brat arm piece. A few spacers to go between the tierod and arm and bingo.
The 1150 rpm stampede parts may fit as well but these traxxas parts were 3 bucks.


for the rear http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&W=000020420&I=LXN057&P=K
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Now this is what I have been waiting for! Looks real good and simple :tmb
More items to add to my want list :reye lol


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Shame on me Will!!! But looks great...I never got around to posting pics the conversion but did take them and I think you found them. I never did run it to see how it was but I really liked the look of it! Your's looks great...These dang Tamiya big rigs cost too much $$$ to be messin with these cheap buggies although they were a blast to drive for as basic as they are...

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It's real cold and very damp out so I've only run it around indoors. Steers very well, little to no bump steer as well. I only put a silvercan and 10 tooth pinion so speed will not be high anyway.

Pretty decent really, Tamiya should have done it like this as it's very stable on ''sidehill'' situations. Aka couch cushions :rof and it doesn't roll over.

:tami I only had to buy the traxxas parts and the body was here and I wasn't sure what to do with it. Tranny was built with new old stock diff and the rest the ''best'' parts in the old bucket. Front end is basicly new, about the only rough item is the old painted chassis.


Great job on the Brat. I cant get enuff of the Brat body style. In fact I've got 3 Brat based projects on the go. Wont post any pics until at least one of them is finished.

Once again great job, given me some inspiration for my Brat.