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Discussion in 'Traxxas RC Monster Truck Forum' started by twinforcebasher, May 22, 2018.

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    Hi all, I've just received a 2nd hand brushed E-Revo in blimmin' good nick. Always wanted one, so when this popped up on one of the many RC Buy Sell Trade pages on Facebook, I didn't have to think long before i contacted the seller. I Paid $250NZD for the truck, I already had a Hobbywing EZRUN SC-8 120amp ESC here, and ripped the 3670kv motor out of my VKAR Bison for the mean time, got a Castle 1/8th 2650kv motor winging it's way to me as I type. So all up It's cost me around $386.00NZD to own a brushless E-Revo. Much better than the $1050.49NZD my local hobby shops are asking.

    Anyway, I had it running (on 4s) up and down the drive, out on the road, a few jumps here and there, but one thing bothers me. It always drops it nose when it's in the air. Now I know how to correct that mid-flight off a stupidly big jump, ie Skateparks and BMX tracks, but how do you guys and girls set up your suspension for not so stupidly big jumps? I remember someone telling me the correct way to set up the suspension (one end softer set-up, other end harder set-up, I just cant remember which end is which) when i was 17, but over the last 30 years I've forgotten, and have never really worried about, as I'm about 95% a basher anyway.
    I'd just like the E-Revo to fly level, if that's at all possible using the stock shocks and springs.

    Thanks in advance

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