So I Inherited a Revo 3.3..


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And I'm not sure what I should do with it. I've had nitro trucks before but I don't have a lot of run space and have some whiny neighbors who don't like the noise so I always ended up selling them and going with electric. I have to say that this truck seems pretty cool and could be a lot of fun. The suspension seems like it would work great and be a change of pace from my solid axle trucks. It's brand new in the box still so I figure I have several options:

1: Run it as is by driving to somewhere with more space.

2: Sell it and put the money toward something more my style (electric and more scale)

3: Sell just the nitro components new and put the money toward an electric conversion.

Does anybody have experience with these trucks? Are they really worth the hype or should I run away while I still can? Any input would be appreciated.

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Sounds like you scored big time! Personally I like to fiddle with nitro from time to time. I would use it as a special day truck and find some park, etc to let er rip. If you like the way it handles etc maybe do an electric conversion.