Smt10 build

Got an axial digger for Christmas.

First thing I did was move the shocks to where they should be

Then I sent an order into Brett at cpe
Planetary covers, beadlock rings, j concept wheels and tires, 4 link bars.

I hit the bolts on the beadlock with a silver sharpie and temporarily threw my proline body on. Trying to figure out a better way to mount some freestyle sway bars and more parts coming in the mail.

Did some scale stuff. Gauges light up. Esc and rx fit in fuel cell. Need so solder the connector on the esc. Went with a castle sct setup with the 5mm shaft.



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I was wanting the SMT10 but I believe I would never hear the end of it with the boss lady. Family comes first!!!

The price of one up here in Canada is in the $500 dollar mark right out of the box and that's before they slap on the 12% to 13% sales tax on top and then the upgrades which would bring it up to $600 or more. Secondly The SMT10 would only bring back bad memories I had with the Ground Pounder as I was very much ticked off with it many times.

I've been following up and researching on the SMT10 in the FB group before I went ahead and bought one.

I like them allot but I've read some issues about it including the high price that its just discouraged me away from them.

Wish they were slightly lower in price but I doubt that they'll will ever drop in price.

I know towerhobbies has it so you can pay monthly but I can't be bothered by that

Wish you all the best with your SMT
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Hey Cowboyclod, SMT10 is now $329 on Tower Hobbies!

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Ahahahaha:emot15: let me know when it drops below the three hundred dollar mark then maybe I will be more interested.

I'm not spending three hundred bucks on a plastic chassis with custom fees with 13% sales tax slapped on by the CBSA Canadian Border Service Agency.
You could get a metal tube chassis built in the same price range depending what you want.

Thanks for the heads up though I appreciate that I seen that over at TowerHobbies earlier :)

I know about the discount' s there but it really does not help much in my part because I'm still faced high Canadian taxes that brings it back up to where it was before the discount was applied.

Once again thanks for trying.

Me buying more RC Monster Trucks has pretty much thinned out in my part I simply have no more room for another one in the house.

Trading and selling would be a little more difficult on my side.

Too much on my plate this year trying to get things done around the house that I've been so ticked off with mother nature having tears in her eyes for the past two and half months or more now. Way too much freaking rain that you'll be lucky you get one nice day out of the whole week
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You definitely need sway bars withe shocks relocated. The only thing I've done to mine so far is relocate the shocks and the roll is terrible, almost undriveable. The shocks are so long as they were developed to mount on the links that when moved to the proper position the truck has a very high center of gravity and leans way too much in turns.

I haven't installed sway bars on mine yet so not sure if they will fix the problem completely, but they should definitely help. My plan is to make some aluminum links to remove the stock plastic links, add sway bars front and rear, and mount some shorter shocks to lower the center of gravity. You may be able to get away with shorter shocks and no sway bars, but I have not tested that yet.


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I was looking at the stock links and at the stock links and at the side closest to the chassis there are holes that you could run a piano wire through to make a sway bar mount kinda like old school clodbuster 4 links guys use to build.