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When selecting a battery for a drift model or buggy, the first aspect to pay attention to is the battery discharge current. For such powerful models, using of the Gens ace Lipo RC battery with 50C discharge current will be the best solution. Compared to many low voltage batteries that tend to overheat and discharge in a short while, this one will let your vehicle reach the maximum torque and run significantly longer between recharges. The Gens ace RC Car Lipo battery for RC models was specifically designed to fit in the packs of 1:10 and 1: 8 scale models.
The only thing that confused us a bit is the battery design. The wires that come out of the end of the battery slightly increase its length and hence, make its installation more complicated in models where a battery is located in the center (like in a rustler). Trimming a fixing spacer inside the case can become a solution to this problem though.