Question on price and choosen material for tube chassis


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Alright, guys, I own two tube chassis trucks one was built way back by a former member named Shunned and the other is a Bari built ECD-R (original version) clod chassis, so I know the answers I am asking.

However I was recently told by a current member that he could get a steel chassis built on a jig for less than $250... my guess is he was referring to a New Era chassis.

So if you may please answer the following questions as I seek to clarify the cost and chosen material for the BEST tube chassis.

Who is your preferred chassis builder? New Era, John Boyer, Bari, other

Would you expect it to be built on a jig?

What is your preferred tube material: Steel tube, Brake line, brass tube, other

What is the going cost one can expect to pay for a customer built tube chassis?

What would you expect to get at that price?

If its built on a jig does it mean its guaranteed to be square and every tube even length?

If its not built on a jig, does that mean its automatically not square or even?

Last one, if money was not an object who would build your chassis of choice?

Thanks for your input fellas!!



I can only speak from my personal experience, I have preferred ones hand built by john boyer. Expect to pay anywhere between $350-400 (only he can verify the cost) depending on what you want. He uses steel tube and sometimes steer bar. They come powder coated, 4 links and all mounts for shocks, motor and servos. Expect 4-12 months turn around time.


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i want

how does one attempt to place an order for a boyer chassis. I know they are quality pricey and time consuming and am ok with all factors