Question, How do I put a differential (diff) in my axial axle?

Did you have a problem with the counter shaft going through the spider gears on any of yours ?
I had to ream the set i got out just on the one side, the shaft wouldnt go all the way through.

william g

yes, on some the shaft is tight, you could run a drill bit, even tap them on with a mallet if you really had to


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I haven't had any issues with my diffs running RC4WD Rumbles and Ofna 17mm rims. Just saw this the other day. I do run the Axial helical cut heavy-duty under-drive set because most of my stuff is from crawler builds.

This is a Canadian company that makes aluminum diff-cups for the axial AX10, SX10, EXO and Wraith.

Here is a link to article

Here is a video of the diff cup install


If you rather get the Axial brand diff gears and shafts they are listed in the manual of the axial EXO Buggy

Axial Diff Gears need 1 for each Axle: AX30390 Qty (2)
Axial Spider Shaft (2) in the bag: AX30170 Qty (1)
Axial Diff Paper Seal (2) in the bag: AX30385 Qty (1)

If you want to seal the diff will also need the thin o-rings from the EXO

Axial diff O-Rings (10) in the bag: AXA1162
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william g

all you change is the differential innards, that's it
I have the only item needed's part number listed above


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Diff bolts

Why are the bolts that hold the diff together, so difficult to get started screwing into the diff cup???


Thanks Bill, I'll leave them out. The ax10 scorpion used them in the diff cup so that's where that came from from.


what are you guys using to lube the diffs? can the small orange O-rings be used to seal the diff and use heavy diff fluid/oil?

still working on my parts list for the trans and axle beef up parts so I have not taken anything apart yet.


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I use wheel bearing grease in mine. I pack them pretty tight and they losses up after a few runs. Keeps the water out and I've never had a failure.