project: Kyosho Mad Force 6x6 w/Dewalt motor


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So I finally got around to building my 6x6 Mad Force. I have a bunch of spare parts that I've picked up over the years and have been thinking about doing this for a while. Most of what I built so far on this is using stock stuff.

The modified stuff is:

* I only had to drill two holes in one set of vertical chassis plates to be able to join them
* a few holes in one of the nitro motor plates (for the electric motor mount)
* custom make the motor mount from a 90 degree steel bracket I picked up from the hardware store
* a 6mm shaft (note: nomial diameter of 6mm is NOT 6mm. I spent an hour with a drill and sand paper trying to get the shaft to fit in the bearings!)
* a M6 binder nut drilled out to 6mm smooth and drilled and tapped for 4mm set screws to join the two shafts.
* dewalt motor modified for rc car use
* Traxxas EVX-2 esc

I used the nitro motor plates and mounts because I had them lying around and they are also offset to one side (unlike the electric version which is centered). This allowed the bigger dewalt motor to sit all the way down. Otherwise it would have had to been mounted higher up to clear the side plate and shaft.

I used the VE shaft so I could mount the slipper clutch. I then used one bronze bushing and washer from the nitro 3 spd trans between the mission mount and chain gear to keep everything spaced properly. I wanted to run two chain drives so that each axles has an independent drive shaft. As opposed to the drive shaft going through one rear axle to the other. This will allow the two rear axles to articulate independent of each other.
I hope to have more done soon.

hopefully the photos show up.

hopefully the pic is bigger this time.
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Man that's pretty cool. I definitely haven't seen a 6x6 mad force before.
thx, yeah I haven't seen many either. My main focus was trying to repurpose as many stock items as possible to make it easy for other people to copy (even kyosho). I may get some aluminum sheet and cut some new side plates, but right now this works. It'd be easy enough to add a brushless motor instead of the dewalt, but I really wanted the dewalt for the impressive torque and replaceable brushes. Even with the 22 tooth pinion, it still seems like it could go a lot bigger. I think stock is a 16 or 18 tooth pinion. although I'm not looking for a speed demon.

Now the hard part is building a body that doesn't look funny. I was going to buy a Tamiya semi body, but by the time you get all the parts to complete the body, it's really expensive. I've got some ideas, but it'll be a while before I get some time to mess with it again. I'm also open to suggestions!

Plus, I want to bash with this truck, not baby it. I have all waterproof stuff, so I hope to play with it in the mud and snow.


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does anyone have good recommendations for 6x6 bodies? preferably cheap and easy to replace when damaged during bashing! I might still try the longer wheelbase of the kruiser version.


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Beautiful work

more progress. It's still a mock up, so a lot of stuff will get cleaned up (especially the wiring) before I run it.

Once everything is finished, i'll start to make a body for it.

I did get to do a test run tonight on 3s lipo. it moves out ok, even with a 22 tooth mod 1 Robison racing pinion.
Do you have any videos for this nice 6x6 beauty ?