PowerWheels Bigfoot Mad Force Kruiser


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This truck came about after I bought what was just supposed to be some MF shafts (a set of CV axles and drveshafts and a set of universal axles) from Bill but then he threw in a whole bunch of other stuff, including a transmission. So it ended up I was able to almost make an entire front axle and some of the rear one. Along with the trans, driveshafts and adding in some of my own spare parts I mangaed to put together almost an entire truck. The big thing missing was the chassis.

A friend here (JoeWorks) has long offered to machine me chassis plates for a MF race truck but since this was mostly a spare parts build I decided I would just make the plates for this one myself, by hand. Hand drill, hacksaw, files, and a dremel, that was it. I immediately regretted that decision after I started cutting and almost gave up. But in the end I sucked it up and pulled through. The chassis is very similar to the stock one except for the cradle which drops the trans almost 2 inches and reveres it so the motor is in front and the battery right behind it. It's also narrower since the axles are narrowed and the shock mounts put the shocks in a more vertical position then stock.

Since I used stock length driveshafts (CV in front, HD unit in the rear) and the trans is flipped so the motor is in front, the truck is very heavily weight biased in front. That makes for hard launches without wheelies and a very light rear end that can swing around quickly, but it's still more then I would like for it to be.

Tires are RC4WD B&Hs with the top edges buffed down a little and they are mounted on Kyosho Nitro USA-1 rims. The body is a Team Durango shortcourse body that Tower was selling cheap a couple years ago. I painted it like the PowerWheels Bigfoot that they did for their 40th anniversry last year. The Bigfoot logo is the wrong color scheme but our sticker guy here went out of business so I just used what I had.

The front alxes have universals that I got from Bill. They are a few mms too long so I ground the diff cups to get them to fit (it's just a spare parts build). Power is from a Tenshock 550 4000kv sensored brushless run by a Brushless Hobbies 120a sensored esc. Steering servo is a Solar D771 and battery is a 2S 4200mah shorty pack.