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Post your pics here and when you do, please follow these guidelines:

1. Post only pics of the complete truck. No build-up pics.

2. Refrain from responding in this topic so as to keep it solely for pictures and nothing more.

3. Post good clean and clear pics.....afterall, this is the gallery, the place
we show them off so let's see the best pic(s) you have of your truck.

4. Broken links will be removed if not fixed.
Hong Nor X1CRT after a days bashing

Brand spanky new, less than a day old at this stage, just finished run in
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Here are a few shots of some of my fleet



Savage 25

There are more but i won't post them rite now


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kyosho usa 1 nitro crusher twin / os max rz vo1b - 21b carb with silver piston

kyosho mad force / ofna picco .26

kyosho giga crusher DF / dual kyosho gs .26

stock usa 1 nitro / kyosho gs 21 R ---- wont be stock for long

before some modifications begin

thunder tiger ek4 s2

some of my collection
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