Picture Gallery-post Your Sweet second gen 3 speeds


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Post your pics here and when you do, please follow these guidelines:

1. Post only pics of the complete truck. No build-up pics.

2. Refrain from responding in this topic so as to keep it solely for pictures and nothing more.

3. Post good clean and clear pics.....afterall, this is the gallery, the place
we show them off so let's see the best pic(s) you have of your truck.

4. Broken links will be removed if not fixed.

Help my image is too big!

Q: I can not post and image it is too big, what do I do?

A: Resize it of course...

1. RCMT's picture gallery does it automaticly
2. use a paid application like Photoshop, etc...
3. Do it online http://www.shrinkpictures.com/
4. Use a free application like http://www.irfanview.com/

Here are a couple of pics of mine.

more pictures of it can be seen here


Mine's almost done, have to finish the bed and details...This is my tow truck, my second kit is going to be my cralwer rig with 2.2 beadlocks and some other goodies!



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Well, here are my pretty much complete build pics. Just finished adding the wipers and mirrors and toyed with some TLT wheels also.
PS, apologies for the lack of imaginatin with the colour scheme. Decided to go with Mica blue and Mica silver. I just like the blue and silver.



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this is one of my rejected ROTM pictures


more shots taken this afternoon


I continue in the next post since the last 3 go together

here's 2 versions of mine: 1st was silver, before the receiver pack exploded and ripped the cabin half.

hope you guys like it!


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Here are a few pics of my F-350...

Its fitted with some hop up alloy stuff, 21 turn motor, thunder tiger 2.2's and a lift kit taking it 25mm above stock hight on the chassis.

There are some seriously sweet rides on here guys!
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