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Post your pics here and when you do, please follow these guidelines:

1. Post only pics of the complete truck. No build-up pics.

2. Refrain from responding in this topic so as to keep it solely for pictures and nothing more.

3. Post good clean and clear pics.....afterall, this is the gallery, the place
we show them off so let's see the best pic(s) you have of your truck.

4. Broken links will be removed if not fixed.

Help my image is too big!

Q: I can not post and image it is too big, what do I do?

A: Resize it of course...

1. RCMT's picture gallery does it automaticly
2. use a paid application like Photoshop, etc...
3. Do it online http://www.shrinkpictures.com/
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Its funny to see what you guys call runner bodys when around here, you cut off all the wheel wells, the back half off the bed, and have no front end except a hood....now thats a Betty!!!!
Perfect example:
On my rocks outside here at FinishLine RC. Turkey Crawl comp '07



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Few more of mine and my brother's Axial Scorpion. Recently we decided to go mudding with it. I have to say, it may be more fun that actual crawling. :tmb

And of course a few on the rocks. (and logs)



Does this count?

Axial axles
AE T4 trans
Eritex Inc chassis and Delrin links
Eritex Inc Comp Heavy wheels
ProLine Hammer tires

Some of it is Axial:tmb


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My rigs

Axial ARTR (obviously)
Novack rooster crawler/55T combo
Traxxas receiver
hitec 645 mg servo
slammed the trimmed body, four linked the rear, inboarded the lower links, softer springs, a few other top secret mods....

First outing:

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here is my AX-10 to date.

my old stocker rims pics.Tripped a front rim hex drive so needed a new set.

My AX10 turned Posessed Jacked Bug

Herbie Jacked originated with an AX10 laying around. Completely custom rear steering powered by Savox 361 oz-in servo, Traxxas waterproof ESC, axle extensions, custom wheels, tires, Baja Bug "Herbie" body, and more! Usually run a 6 or 7 cell NiMH pack.


I am a Crawler guy at heart. So 4 out of my 6 RC's are crawlers. All Axial, or Axial based. And then I have an RC8.2E with Truggy tires and my Wraith Barbarian.

My Wraith Barbarian, soon to be a Bigfoot:

My F-250 Truggy:

My Clod bodied SCX:

My Fastback AX-10:

My Brushless (Sensored) Rock Punisher Wraith:

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