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Discussion in 'General RC Monster Truck Discussion' started by SwedishMonster, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Hi, first post for me. Here goes...

    I have a few axial riggs. ax10 monster bolt, smt10 and some wraith's. I few days ago I searched my hpi and losi parts bin (savage xl and losi xxl) for a turnbuckle. Haven't touched these trucks for 4-5 years. But my intial thinking was how beefy these 1:8 scale parts are compared to axials 1:10 stuff.

    For a while I been wanting to do a build on my own designed chassis. Now I would like to get some input as I', not 100% sure what parts to source.

    This is what I'm thinking right now:

    - Tranny, thinking of a e-revo tranny. It should be plenty more strong right out of the box. The price compared to a ax10 beefed up tranny is nice. It however looks like the motor will be high up in the air raising the center of gravity. Maybe this can be altered by a customer motor mount plate?

    - Axles. Tires of ar60s. These are expensive when hoped up for durability. I do have 3 sets and I almost cried when I looked at how much they have cost over time :(
    I'm thinking of using mad chrusher axles if there isn't any other option (that isn't hellish expensive)
    This requires:
    - Truss for links
    - Some servo mouting
    - Adapter for tribute wheels
    I really like that these comes with a decent size diff that can be tuned using diff oils. (AR60s leaks unless you use real thick oil or grease)

    - Chassi. I'm drawing my own chassi. It's inspired by those clod chassis by ACRC. I looked at my monsterbolt ax10 chassi also and thought about what was good about it and not.
    I'm thinking of using battery tray from ax10 or smt10 and do my own crossmemebers.

    Edit: Forgot shock
    I do have a set of mad chrusher shocks, one set of hpi savage really long ones and hpi savage big bores. Would like to one of these sets

    I'm debating myself a bit wheter to go full 1:8 or split it up using 1:8 axles and 1:10 tranny/motor

    My two sons will inherit the ax10 and smt10 so we can run little races. The won't getting the strongest/fastest setups anyway so for them these trucks will survive just fine :)

    What you guys think?
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