Old School Racing Revo


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Thought I should share my Revo rebuild here. Love to race nitro MT back in the day. Have been tinkering with one over the winter.

Here is a quick pic.

Here are the specs.

RB Mods 3.3 motor with ceramic bearings
RB Mods turbo button cooling head
THS exhaust (also have Trinity and Vantage carbon fiber pipes)
Mugen MBX7 fuel tank
Buku clutch

Vantage carbon extended chassis

Tekno 8mm axles front and rear
Titanium U-joints - all 12
Carbon disk brake
X-wings one way front drive shafts (3 of them)
RD racing 16mm carriers on the front
RPM 16mm carriers on the back
500k in front diff
2k in rear diff
Solid center diff

Carbon pushrods
Carbon hinge pins
Carbon toe links
Traxxas Platinum shocks
Tekno sway bars front and rear
P3 rockers up front, P1 rockers in back
Lunsford titanium rocker posts

Radiopost high torque steering servo
Radiopost high speed throttle servo

Blue aluminum screws in most of the truck.

All the lightweight stuff knocked over a pound off the truck. Not bad. Hoping it will rip pretty well on the track.


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Fired up the Revo just to set the idle and throttle linkage. Man, miss the smell of nitro. I forgot how loud these Revo's seem to be. They just have a different sound than 8th scales do.


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Sorry, never got notifications when people replied.

I have a Losi 8T 2.0 body for it. It looks pretty good for a plain white body.... Lol.

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