official RCMT decal thread _ _ post your ride


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I finally got my truck back and it has new bumpers and a new sticker. Just wish I had them on before my truck appeared in RcDriver.:rock


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Had time to take a couple pictures this past weekend after some playing:burn


I really need a roof rack after seeing Mcfig's:bang


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Might move the decal on the hood to the windshield, cuz where it's at it kinda gets lost in the design on the body.

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Here's a few shots of my most recent project; a new lid for my Super-class crawler!

I need to snap some pics with my good camera, then I'll replace these... LOL!


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Spliff your up :wnk

May I make a suggestion? Larger clearer images are best, I try to resize around 600-640 pixels wide to be used on the forum and our front page.

A single truck, nice clear shot showing a decal :tmb

That makes 2 trucks of mine to make it to the decal pic.

I try to keep the original sizes, if you want I can send you the original(s).
I usually just use MS Paint program and reduce by %

I adjusted the size from the original pic with photoshop, this one is 640 wide..

I'm going to take some new pics this weekend of my trucks outside, they come out much better.

Is there a way I can upload the original pics to the site?
I think photobucket automatically reduces them somewhat, and that way you can have access to them.

I'm gonna need to pick up some more decals, I have 2 white, 1 red, and a blue hood left.
I'll probably be throwing a white one on the F-650 this weekend.
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you can attatch pics up to a limit

Contributing members ($10.00) a year get gallery access here, as well as increased pm limits and post/thread attatchment limits.
Maybe I'll add that in when I order some new decals.

Threw a white windshield from the last batch on the F-650 and took some pics.
Still have the wideners on, I pretty much just haven't gotten around to it. I'll do it soon, maybe later.
They're good for stability but make these tires stick out just a bit too far. The stock tires don't look too bad cuz they're huge and Monster Truck-like anyway.

Anyway, these are the better pics, all 640 wide...



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Getting close to finishing my Brushless SportWerks Mayhem ST.

I just re-decorated a new body and the color-scheme was screaming for one of the white RCMT.Net stickers.

So here she is!



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Here's my CR01 as it sits now. I had painted this body for a X-Trail build but I had to sell to pay for truck repairs.

I'll be adding the FJ body once I get it painted:tmb



Will you should make this thread a sticky, seems I always have to go looking the few times I've added to the thread.


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heres a clean shot on my MRC:


and heres the original incase the first one makes you dizzy!