Nitro USA-2 My take on recreating a classic


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Here is an update to a project that I've been wanting to do for a very long time. This is my take on creating a less expensive, more reliable and more bashable version of a Kyosho USA-1 Nitro Crusher.

The donor vehicle is a duratrax 835b. The center diff gear ratio had to be modified to run the large clod-buster size tires. This has been done by swaping out the 46T spur gear with a 62T gear from an Ofna Mutilator Truggy 62T, this same gear is also used on the Duratraz RAZE ST.


This same conversion can be created using an Ofna Hyper 7 or older duratrax Raze roller, since the center diff assembly has same hole spacing on both platforms.


Engine mounting pattern needs to be enlarged with a rotary tool so the gear mesh can be properly adjusted.


Body mounts will be created by clamping traxxas 4x4 slash/stampede front shock towers to both the front and rear shock towers. This works out rather well. I?ve tested this body mounting setup with my 835e monster truck w/o any issues, and It?s seen a lot of abuse.

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Nice idea, the Nitro Crusher was designed off the Kyosho Burns 1/8 buggy so overall performance and geometry should remain pretty close to the original. Except, you may actually be able to find repair parts for your version! Have you found an aftermarket 88-98 Chevy truck body to use? I would hate to tear up an original USA-1 body.