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mopar marv

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A few months back a rather nasty worm managed to sneak past my anti-virus program[AVG] and wipe my computer out, resulting in the lose of a ton of photos and rc manuals, my favorites list, etc..... and now I'm trying to find the free rc manual website that I was using before but no such luck so far.

It would probably help if I could remember the name of the site but no luck there either. I'm starting to wonder if the site shut down since I was there last. I can't even remember how I found the site in the first place.

So I'm hoping that somebody here might be able to get me pointed in the right direction.


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This site changed software some weeks ago. So this may be the site you are remembering, but I have no idea if this is so. Maybe checking the MEDIA area above would give you some idea if the photos you are looking for are there.

mopar marv

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Unfortunately since Photobucket decided to hold my previously stored photos for ransom, I was storing all of the photos that I lost on my pc so they are gone for good.

My problem is trying to find the RC manual website again, it literally took me six years to find the manual for my Kyosho Lazer ZXR and a few other seriously hard to find manuals and now they to are long gone and I've been trying to find the site I got them from for weeks with no luck. So now I'm mentally kicking my own butt for not printing them out as soon as I got them.


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AVG sucks for protection. Malwarebytes is better.Norton is the best.