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Oh my PC is basically treated like an infant, tender loving care ;) My pc is connected to everything in my living room, I use it for everything. I really dont know what I'd do without it lol so I take very good care of it. I want to add a second 1070 or get a 1080ti, add an additional 360mm rad and cool the GPU too. Then I'll be happy. the 10 series cards don't scale well in SLI though, which is why I haven't purchased a second card yet. Yeah sound card is an asus xonar DX I think. The drain for the loop is sitting on a little stand I made.

Case is a Lian Li PC08. Has tempered glass on front and side...Anyone here have a case with tempered glass? Once you get tempered, you'll never go back to a plastic side window. They have glare like a window but look amazing.

I use dye in my loop that is UV reactive. Yes it'll dye the tubing (eventually) but looks great. I had blue dye in there but doesn't match my wiring. I may end up removing the wiring though so I can play around with some other colors...I get bored quick and have to tinker with it.

If you're interested in custom water cooling I bought my setup as a "kit" from EK Takes all the guess work out of finding the right fittings/tubing/rads etc...

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