My first try building a tuber

Well I've been kicking around the idea of building a tube chassis for a while now. So yesterday I went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of 3/16 and 1/8 rod and here's what I got so far. Still have to do the cab roll cage part and a little more bracing and tabs for mounting upper links, etc. I'm not sure what I'll be running for axles and trans and all that. I have a wheely king I may use or I'll look for axial parts.
Anyways here's progress pics

more progress. I'm going to add a little more bracing across the lower frame halves for strength but this is basically done as far as the "tubing" goes. I'd like to add more and make it even more realistic but I'm afraid it'll start getting too heavy and too hard to get at all the electronics once they're in. I also changed the bottom of the frame because the way I had it before I was probably only going to get an inch of travel before the axle hit the frame, so this new way looks better.

I got some axles from a SMT10 coming in the mail tomorrow. Then I can figure out where to weld on mounts for shocks and upper links. Pretty excited to see what it'll look like mocked up with axles and wheels!