My attempts at 'Speed'


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Well, decided to see how fast this junk i have can go :p

First started about a year and half ago when I took my stock(ish) pede to 40kph/25 mph IIRC, yeah I know not fast but was fun until truck met pole, and left front went on vacation :p

Then once the Clod-O-pede was built took that down the road, to 35kph/22mph with 12t motor and 12t pinion.

Next up was my brand new Mad Crusher, bone stock gearing/motor/tires on a 4s, 38 kmh/23mph

Then after that, went full out with the pede, 2s, ebay brushless system, 23/86 IIRC and taller tires, that brought it to 61kmh/38mph, with no body, not sure how a body would effect it?

Just got a used Mad Force with a CC and Mamba monster, gunna see how fast she can go, then if I'm feeling dumb ill throw that Motor/ESC in a pede and run it 4s :p

Will probably have to do some big gearing changes for the pede to be quicker as I believe it was topped out.
Oh well who knows, If i do it again soon ill grab a camera :)