Mutant Gallery And Specs


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Please post pictures of your mutants.
ONLY COMPLETED MUTANTS (I.E Body must be on, and so must wheels)
Also NO DISCUSSION IN HERE if you want to discus do it out side this tread)

Also with your pics please write down the specs of the truck such as
Motor types
'Overall length
What truck it was based on
special features


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Monster 10 x 2

2 early model RC10 glod tubs, cut ahead of shock tower brace. I made the chassis fom 1/2" aluminum channel and 1/4" aluminum rod. Suspension is a mix of Associated, HPI and Traxxas parts, with TXT wheels and tires. A set of reedy rage motors, helps turn the tires.

Herbie Jacked

Herbie Jacked originated with an AX10 laying around. Completely custom rear steering powered by Savox 361 oz-in servo, Traxxas waterproof ESC, axle extensions, custom wheels, tires, Baja Bug "Herbie" body, and more! Usually run a 6 or 7 cell NiMH pack.