Mrc Mt10m/10s Hop-ups & Race Set-up....dev2 Style



This is some really old info but I figured I'd bring this to the new board just in case somebody found it useful.

I have the MT 10M and it is a really good truck if you address the weak spots of it--mainly the diff. I raced mine against Stampedes and HPI MT's (all trucks ran monster truck tires) and had a lot of success with it. With the upgrades I'll list below, the 10M is a comprable truck to the Pede. Speed-wise, I'll give the nod to the 10M but the Pede wins when it comes to jumping. The big difference between the two is that the 10M will be more maintenance down the road because it has a ball diff. The upgrades I did to mine will help correct that to an extent though. Here's the parts and part numbers for everything I have done. I pulled this out of an older post so prices may vary:

All prices are from Tower Hobbies at the time that I purchased them. Listed with the parts are their part numbers.
Diff Parts (Associated):
T-Nut & Diff Bolt 6575 $1.90
Diff Balls 6581 $10.99 Losi equivalent works too
Thrust Bearings 6574 $1.90
Thrust Washers 6573 $2.89

CVD's No one makes hop up cvd kits but HPI RS4 MT cvd kit works. You also need HPI axle carriers. Bearings already in the trucks stock carriers will work in HPI carriers.
MIP Shiny CVD Kit for RS4 MT REAR MIPC1275 $32.99 Make sure you use the kit for the rear NOT the front.
HPI Axle Carriers (HPI Part Number A340) This is referred to as the bulk head set. Don't remember price but it's not expensive, less than $10.00

I use Midnight Pumpkin tires and highly recommend them. Great all-purpose tire. TAMC6301 $19.69 That is for a full set of 4 tires.
When replacing the diff parts with the new ones, if you haven't already flipped the diff rings once you can use them again. When you put them back in, just use the opposite side and you have a flat surface again for the diff balls to ride against.
I guarantee if you use these hop-ups I listed you will notice a tremendous difference in performance. Speed is increased, diff action is smoother and it sounds much better than the stock diff when running.
Good Luck to all who use these parts and lots of fun. For those who use them, please tell us of your thoughts about them and your own opinion about the overall performance increases.


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Sept. 2007 I acquired a MT 10M chassis and it is missing a few parts. I contacted MRC's service department and some parts are still available. The parts I needed were the front body mounts, the motor mount, half of the slipper clutch and the spur gear.

e-mail mrcsupport at modelrectifier dot com


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Ok so I know that I am pulling up a 12 year old thread but i am stuck. I am cleaning out my parent's basement and brought my RC stuff to my house. One of the vehicles is a MT-10M. It never ran properly and that is why it got put away 20+ years ago. I went through the parts list above and can still get everything but the CVD Kit for RS4 MT. I have tried eBay as well as contacted a guy on craigs list that apparently has a ton of vintage parts. any leads on where I can get one? Also trying to locate an instruction manual.
I called MRC yesterday and the guy basically laughed at me even though i was only asking if there might be .pdf versions of the manual available somewhere.