Monster jam vinyl stickers


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I am interested in doing some MT bodies of some of the monster jam trucks. Does anyone know if there is someone who makes vinyl stickers of the Monsterjam trucks. Thanks for any help with contact info of who makes these.


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MCI Racing out of Canada has monster truck decals but i dont think they do Monster Jam due to the licensing. Its a very slippery slope if you make decals and make money off of them. You might be able to contact them and see if they could do some custom decals for just you(one off times seem to be different than having more than one done).

Ask them and see.

Another option is to have the bodies custom painted with no decals and all paint. Expect $150+ per body painted and ive had them painted for close to $200 for a full paint show worth body. They arent cheap but look insanely good mounted on a tuber or mod clod.