Monster Jam path of destruction!!!


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just to let yall know that some stores have released it early!! i got my today so far i like it!! it better than the previous games before but it is still missing that realistic feel but that ok!!


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I just bought this game for the PS3 thinking it would be a bit of fun.

Finished it (on wussbag easy setting) in one solid night of non-stop playing.

Kinda limited on as far as depth goes, but I had an absolute BLAST!

A TON of fun!

I highly recommend it if you're just looking for some MT action relief.

Not so much if you want a sim.

*now finished on normal & hard settings, which really aren't very hard at all.
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I have it too! One huge down side of the game, the truck CUSTOMIZING options.... Never seen something as limited as that!!! I've been able to imitate Bigfoot#10 with one of the ''no liscence' trucks and it took me AN HOUR to figure out what decals to use to make the side stripes currectly! My truck is awesome but still got no name on the doors, since the game DOESN'T give you any letters to put on!!!! Outside of that, TONS of fun, i've done it all a long time ago but i always keep do it over and over!!