Micro monster mayhem!


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Look what I got guys! The twins have arrived!:cool:D

I didn't specify any preferred models when I ordered, so I received a Hummer and another Hummer.

Bigfoot RC Racer, baby!:D

Pretty basic small and cheap looking 2.4Ghz controller.

One small 3.7v 600mah lipo included, and a usb charging cable. This was a nice surprise, because one of my micro helis use this same battery, so I have many of those already.:)

The truck itself! The body is actually kinda nice looking with all the little details, but come on, who drives a Hummer? So the body has to go obviously!:D

Now we're talkin'! LOL!:D


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This is what the undercarriage looks like. Short arm three link suspension with very limited travel in stock form.

Pretty basic cheap micro stuff here.

Took the wheel off. The wheel cover acts as a wheel nut, and the thread seems to be M2.5 in the axle stub. Only downside is that the wheel cover also forms the lip in the wheel bead, so without it theres nothing to keep the tire from coming off, but nothing that some glue wouldn't take care off. Or maybe just cut out the center of the wheel cover and use the ring as a fake beadlock ring... Oh, and that's a tiny 6mm hex.

Seems like the tires are almost exact copies of the Tamiya's battery powered little monster models' tires, but only with slightly bigger holes!

I have a few ideas for these trucks, but don't know just yet which direction I wanna proceed, so I'm gonna post some updates when I get some interesting done to the trucks...:p


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What size are the lower link screws 2.5,2,or1.5? I'm coming up with ideas for a nice lower link setup!LOL