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I haven’t been on the board in a while but had some time recently to get back in the hobby. I have 6 Mad Force variants - 2 nitro, 3 electric and 1 on eBay parts that can be either way. I love those trucks! I also just got a savage roller from a friend and rebuilt it with a dynamite big red .28.

However when I started seeing the LMT videos and pics, I knew I had to have one! I pre-ordered from Tower Hobbies, whom I just found out is now owned by Horizon Hobbies, and on 8 Jan when it was released and both Tower and Horizons website said it was now in stock, I called to check on the status. They told me mine won’t ship until March!??!?!? How’s it in stock if they won’t ship mine until March?

I searched and found a hobby shop online and got it in 3 days a week after the release, phew!

the thing is impressive! It’s well built and solid. It is also really heavy! It’s a lot heavier than my mad force trucks. Only a little heavier than my nitro savage. It jumps phenomenal!!! Super flat and easy to control. That was always an issue with my mad force trucks, they were very sensitive to how you set them up and bounced hard on landing which could result in flips, probably because they are so light. The LMT is so heavy it just lands and squats and keeps going.

the turning radius on it is super sharp. Too sharp for regular bashing on the grass. The wheels have good traction and the sway bars hold it flat, so it quickly rolls over on two wheels. However, if you have wiggle room in your path, you can keep it from rolling and sometimes ride it on the side of the two wheels for a while. I use the dual rate (3/8 of a turn from full) to reduce the turning radius and it seems to be more in line with my mad force and less likely to flip, but not take the whole yard to turn. With full rate and a low traction surface like my driveway, I can easily do spin cycles!

my biggest complaint however is the servo. I only ran two packs through it. Both were 2s from my mad force trucks because the Spektrum 3s is on back order as well!?!? I didn’t have any major crashes just a few rolls from turning too sharp and one jump where I was half on and half off the ramp at slow speed because I knew I was missing it and it barely cleared the ramp. Then I lost the steering. The steering turns freely and the servo hums non-stop if you turn the wheel. I called Horizon and they said they’d ship me a new servo, but it’s also on back order for another month!?!? See a pattern here? 3 of the mad forces are for my kids and they beat that truck up! I’ve never lost a servo in the Kyosho and it has driven into curbs at speed. They broke a few other parts occasionally, but usually just bend the frame rails a little. I took the servo on the LMT apart and sure enough there’s a steel gear pressed into a brass gear that stripped out from each other. So when the motor spins it turns the one gear and not the other. And because of this the output shaft of the servo doesn’t turn and can free wheel. I looked at the servo saver and it seems like it was not moving and probably allowed all the shock into it. Hopefully a fluke because all the pre-release videos showing this thing taking a beating and keep on ticking! I installed a Kyosho servo I had lying around, but because Spektrum is 23t and Kyosho servos are like most servos, have 25t. Fortunately I had an mst servo saver that looked sort of like the Losi one with the spring. Unfortunately, the servo saver and servo broke after only about 5 min driving and no jumping or collisions? Not sure why. The servo saver was for a car not a truck and stripped out. I took the Kyosho servo apart and a couple teeth were sheared. I was able to pull the gear, rotate 180 deg and reinstall and now the servo works again. In the end, I found out there was a LHS driving distance, so I went there. I couldn’t believe it, he had 3 trucks in stock! I wish I knew he existed before I would have bought from him. He didn’t have any parts, but sold me a 18kg Spektrum servo, as opposed to the 15kg servo the truck comes with. Before I installed, I decided to rebuild the servo saver. It seemed stuck before but now seems to move. I also loctited the nut on it so it won’t spin off as some reviewers mentioned. Hopefully this finally solves my issue!

overall, I’m still really excited. Hopefully I can get this servo issue fixed and my 3s in. My mad force trucks and savages are mich faster. But the LMT looks and acts more realistic.


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I bought a roller also. Mine came missing ALOT of items along with some very poor QC on it. After alot of tweaking and tightening of things it was finally back into good condition.

The issues mine had right out of the box:
missing battery strap
loose hardware on chassis and shocks
sticking shocks
wobbly wheels
crunchy diff gears(maybe need to be worn in?)

Went and installed a 2650kv 1515 Castle motor along with a Mamba Monster 2. Threw a Power HD 35kg servo in it(since it was 23 spline and the only servo i had laying around).

First pack out it broke the front axle housing on a 1-2 foot jump like it was a twig. Couldnt believe it. Temps were cold but not unreasonable(high 40's). Contacted Losi about it and sent them pics. Got a new front housing in and installed. On 3s the thing is nuts. 4s is just too much. This is with the stock 14t pinion included with the roller.

I ended up buying a Jconcepts LWB F150 body for it. Will get it cut out this week and painted shortly. Thinking of going with a Nitemare theme since i have the MCI decal set sitting here along with the paint color to match. I already removed the cage as it didnt fit with the Mamba Monster 2. Body posts went in where they could....another thing i didnt like about it was the terrible instruction manual.

I think its a great truck but not what Losi touted the thing to be. Especially with the lead up demo videos from all the social media/youtube accounts. They were hucking the thing 30 feet without issue and it was basically advertised as being an "indestructible" box stock truck. The Treal axle housing pieces seem to be the only item really needed at this point. The diffs/trans are BEEFY as well as the chassis plates.

Overall am happy it came out. I should have waited for the second wave though now knowing the QC issues on the first batch or so. That would give Losi the time to make sure they leave being properly built.