Just Another Gravedigger SMT10 Project Truck


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Just thought I'd share the latest version of my SMT10 project truck. Here are the basic stats:

Stock SMT10 chassis
Brushless Motor and ESC, running 3S
LED Headlights//Tailights
Green LED chassis underglow lights
Steel Gear Transmission
Full "Rear Steer" Conversion with stock (flipped) front axle
Summer Setup: JConcepts Wheels and Proline Tires
Winter Setup: Integy Snowmobile Conversion

Not a racer or a basher, really just a truck to tinker on and have fun with.

Hope you enjoy the pics!







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Reminds me alot about an old Wheel king, lol, looks great :cool

Where did you get those LEDs? they look interesting


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The LEDs are “EBay Specials” - I think I just searched for 1/10th LEDs and they came up. Same with the green chassis lights, just something generic from EBay.


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Jury’s Still Out

The tracks are no hassle to install - about 5 minutes per axle, but what has already been said about them on other forums (I think) holds true for mine:

They’re expensive
They’re heavy
They significantly reduce the truck’s top end

I can’t tell that they provide significantly better traction than my Prolines, but keep in mind I have only been able to test over very limited terrain, so the jury is still out. More long term testing is needed to give a fair and honest review. Heed the same warnings others have stated before - you definitely want to be brushless, metal-geared, and probably on 3s before you take these on.

All of that having been said, I think they look extremely cool, give the truck a more “engineered” vibe, and they do seem to work as advertised. My forward and reverse movement works great and the rear steer functions just as well with these as it does with tires.

At this point I would say the treads are probably a lateral move, not an upgrade, and maybe even a downgrade in terms of overall performance. However, they are aesthetically pleasing and certainly will make your truck stand apart from others.