Junkyard Monster SMT10


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Hello everyone. Not sure why it took me so long to post about this build. I planned on putting a build thread together for it, and I might still, but I wanted to share a few pix and some info on my SMT10. I started the build in early 2018 with a Digger chassis I purchased on Ebay after Axial discontinued the original SMT10. From there I started gathering parts, including the original AR60 axles from my Wraith. The goal was to build a custom truck similar to an independent style truck that would run in Monster Jam. Long story short, I finally finished the truck, for the most part, this past summer. I submitted the truck in the Axialfest at Home contest this summer and, to my surprise, I ended up winning. I've still got big plans for this truck, but just need to find the time. I'll try to get a full build list together soon.
Thanks for having a look!


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Great job! That's a very unique looking truck. I love the stance and all the scale details and weathering. Just awesome! Congrats on the win too! :cool: