Is New Bigfoot Body Availalble Separate??


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Is this newly released old school Bigfoot body available separate from the RTR?? I can't find a part number...


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Some guys are parting out new trucks and selling the bodies on Ebay. If you want the factory painted body, this is probably the way to do it. Tower has the clear body on their web site, but it says mid March. To complete the body, you'll also need the chrome accessory kit, and the grille, which are both sold separately. If you go to the Traxxas web site, and check out the parts listing for the Bigfoot 1, you'll find all the part numbers.


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I know its crazy!! for that price you mine as well buy the whole truck.

Here's one that's slightly lower in price.

But if it was me I would wait until they actually get sold at tower hobbies just to name a few.
And of course wait until they drop in price if they ever do.

M AnderStorm

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those prices are rediculous. i could see those being that high if they are discontinued. look at the prices for the monster jam bodies from a couple years ago.