Few of my new rides. _ Cross R/C HC4


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Here are my most recent builds. You may recognize the HC4. Long time member on here was kind enough to send it my way. I'm always looking for a fun project to work on and this one didn't disappoint. Has a few minor issues still that need tweaking but for the most part, truck is done and I'm happy with it, with all of them. First two pics are the before shots (body sitting on my TF2)

*EDIT* Sorry if the pics are too large on screen, I'm using a 4k monitor so they look normal to me ;) just hold down CTRL and use your mouse scrollwheel to reduce the image size from your browser.

And now:


Tamiya drift car:

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The blue on the TF2 is really nice looking. Is that automotive paint?
Yeah one of my bud's painted it for me. First time I've ever had $100 paint job on an rc car, lol. I cant remember what color, lazer blue or something but yeah, 3 coats of auto, 3 coats of clear. of course I messed it up it when gluing the door handles on. Slipped out of my weak hands and CA dropped on the damn body. Paint really pops in the sun. I told him he gets to paint all my future hard bodies when the time comes. Id like to by the high lifts just for the bodies and sell the rest if I could get them to fit on the TF2 chassis.

Haven't thought about a figure for inside the cab....I've always wanted to incorporate a Jason Voorhees figures into a project but he doesn't drive, not that that would stop me from doing so. I think they're the mcfarlane figures?