fayee fy002a 2ND GENERATION rc truck review | PUSHED HARD | a GOOD BUDGET truck?


Hah! I got the tracked version. As You already established, it is virtually unstoppable...until the moment the gears start to rattle. Then it’s the same annoyance as the WPL trucks.

Significant to notice: The axles loose, already have the brass gears fitted as standard. Cool. Fayee dòes know there’s a problem with the nylon gears.

“On to the metal gears” and 1 month wait for the slow boat from China.

By the by: Don’t try to repaint that weird metallic paint. Whatever You put on top of it, it wìll react violently and become a nasty shade of baby-blue. Probably best to try the brake-fluid/oven cleaner method first to remove that tranclucent water-based top-layer.
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