Fastrax II


Hello, I just wanted to post some pictures of my last project. Enjoy!!;)

The start: an old Tamiya King Tiger.

Transmissions are worn out.

Modified Taigen steel transmission for higher top speed.

Taigen trannys in Tamiya chassis.

Wheel painting.

Suspension arms cleaning and polishing.

New rear panel.

Chassis painted with electronic (twin Tamiya 380 Sport-tuned, entry level speedos, 2S shorty lipo)

The cockpit (Tamiya Gt interior, RPM blowers, some chinese roll cage).

And the body, with a servo actionned lift system.



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That looks great! How does it run? I had a blizzard for a while and it was just too slow and brittle to continue to beat on it. Ended up selling it since parts were scarce.



That is Schweeeeeet! Especially the interior with the twin blowers. *looks with a slight eye to his abandoned full-metal Heng Long Snow Leopard....*

And big power in Tamiya rigs? No problem afaik.

I once made a Clodbuster-bodied Monstertrack from a Tamiya Prtl for a friend. It took a Technigold without a hitch. Their gearboxes are s?lid! With a full 8.4 Pack, it crumpled-up the carpet under it.. Resulting in much stink-eye from the lady of the house.. :emot15: