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Discussion in 'Tamiya RC Monster Truck Forum' started by William, May 21, 2008.

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    My pinion is worn, or I want to change it what do I need?
    Robinson racing METRIC pinions last longer than the soft tamiya ones.

    My truck leans to the right-drivers side why is that?
    Typical of shaft drive, on the CR01 the shaft turns causing the left to sink under throttle. Stiffen the left rear spring by either pulling a front blue, or purchasing a spring kit and just install the blue spring on the left leaving the yellow on the right.

    I twisted my driveshaft, what can I replace it with?
    Traxxas Stampede shafts with the metal yoke or U-joint and Axial AX10 driveshafts and metal yokes are great once the shafts are shortened.
    I run a AX10 setup on the rear of mine and it's taken more abuse than the stocker did.

    I have a jato shaft, and yoke setup but haven't driven-tested it yet. Seems a little beefier than stampede shafts.

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