CPE Short Wheelbase Terminator - Overkill


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Just put this together. Needs shock tuning(shorten the shocks and new softer springs) but its looking good for the moment. CPE SWB Terminator chassis(without sway bars or battery trays)
Overkill decals by MCI Racing and body by Jconcepts.
Wheels are stock clod with Proline Decimators.
Traxxas Stampede rear shocks w/ Tmaxx springs(WAY too long/hard) and 30w oil(too stiff, going to 15w next)
Hobbywing 880 esc and 15T RC4wd motors on 13T pinions.


Plan is to add some beadlock rings in pink(like Marty Garza had) and to just tune the shock combo better. Its way too stiff right now and pogos all over the place. Softer springs and oil will help it transfer the weight better.


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Revised the shocks....now the lower arms sit level and its much softer than before.

Ultra Shocks(2 hole pistons) w/ Associated 2.5" front silvers and 2.5" rear greens with 15w AE oil and no preload.


Next on the list is CPE pink beadlock rings to finish off the old school look.