CPE barbarian build Supercab Bigfoot


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Well got the shafty bug, RPP had a chassis/axles in stock so I bought them up, as well as most everything else for it haha

Mostly stock stuff for now -

SCX10 slipper trans
WB8 shafts
100mm RC4WD links
stock Wraith axles
STRC steering links
Hitec 645MG servo
Kimbrough saver
Scored stock clod wheels w/ RC4WD Rumbles barely used off eBay
CPE Wraith hub adapters ^
SCX10 battery plate/RX box
Stock Wraith shocks
HPI 2.4 radio
HPI 79 Ford F150 supercab body w/ MCI_Racing (eBay user name) decals
Associated SC700BL ESC / 3300kv brushless setup on 3S power

Plans later on -
Wraith/CPE sway bars
Axial 13/43 HD gears
Hot Racing all metal trans
Traxxas shafts
Axial U joint front shafts

Pics up this weekend!


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Well after some tinkering.. got it together, and figured out the hub adapters.. got it outside for a break in run, 5 minutes later it's over LOL stripped the Losi servo out, well it was on it's way sadly and the last tumble didn't help it.. So It's a BLAST for sure 10x more fun than the clod I have which isn't stock either but I'm sold on the Barbarians.

So the build is going to change a little.. it steers sharp enough as is, anymore in fact would hit the lower links, which I already moved in board on the chassis side..

I need - Sway bars, new stronger steering servo, Wraith 12mm locking hubs, decals, smaller pinion - have a 23t and will go down to 20t.. other than that I think I'm going to leave it as it is a TON of fun!

CPE hub adapters -

mock up!

Roller status -

Done for now!


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Well parted my clod out mostly and got a few more parts coming - I plan to build another Barbarian so this will be the budget basher one me thinks..

Anyway I have more parts coming -

CPE sway bar kit + 1 Wraith to clod wheel adapter (1 blew apart)
upgraded to the MG Losi servo/Kimbrough 124 from my clod
RC4wd M4x20mm bolts (to make studs for the wheels)
upgraded to CPE pettibone hub covers (will be painted black)
Axial Wraith aluminum locking hubs
MCI_Racing retro Bigfoot decals
Traxxas sponsor decals
STRC servo mounts/ trans motor plate (buying for longer screw holes)

EDIT- forgot to add that I had some left over spacers from my SCX10 builds so I extended the wheelbase from 13.5" to 14" now LOL


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Ok guys! I think I finally have it mostly bullet proof! I just went and thrashed it in my yard and came back in unbroken (unlike the last 2 times) LOL!

I will post pics after the body is done tonight!

I ditched the CPE screws that come with the adapters for M4x20mm long screws - here is how I did it - make sure to mock up your setup first to make sure the CPE M4 adapters do not stick out past flush with the plastic adapter!! - mine did not so I tore it down and thread locked everything

Axial Wraith aluminum hubs went on first
Spaced out about 0.5mm from the bottom of the hub pin
Used a GENEROUS amount of red thread lock on the stub axle threads
Screwed the CPE M4 adapter on the hub - used pliers to tighten it down to the Axial hub - be careful not to strip the threads!
Thread locked the M4x20mm long bolt in the M4 adapter, use pliers again to tighten the bolt in place - again not to tight as the threads are even shorter this time than the last!!
Let sit like this overnight so the thread lock can cure
Used my Dremel to cut off the bolt head, and reshape/clean the threads so a normal M4 wheel nut will thread on smoothly - pay extra attention so you do not cross thread the nut!!

Trim the bolt as needed - I left it long as I'm not sure if I'll run CPE hub covers or not on this rig..


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POW! paint is done! Going to wait to decal it til I get the Bigfoot decals.. It's not perfect but good enough for a basher..



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Well charged up the battery and took it for a romp! I must say it's a hand full sorry no action shots or video - the carnage that ended the fun - stripped out the plastic gear trans, started twisting the rear shaft, and melted the front shaft haha


Upgrades will be -

STRC hub carriers, knuckles, and rear lock outs
Novak sensored setup so I can crawl with it - and get reverse as I don't know how to program the AE esc..
install the rear sway bar - maybe LOL
SSD high gear or Hot Racing all metal trans
Traxxas driveshafts



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Very cool Zac! Looks like a beast! I have a complete wraith I no longer use that I am thinking of stripping and building into a Barbarian, either that or sell it lol.


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BUMP bringing my favorite MT build back for more!!!

I sold this truck to help a lady friend out, that I no longer deal with SO I'm buying it back.. sadly for more than I sold it for BUT it does have some nice stuff on it after all. The deal is set for the truck minus radio/battery/wheels/tires/clod adapters. BUT I get a brand new set of Destroyers with it SO..

I have ordered parts for a FULL rebuild as well -

White Pro-Line +17.5mm Brawlers
Axial 43/13 gear sets
Axial Wraith front universal axles
SSD RR10 scale driveshafts
18t Robinson pinion
Axial soft 14x70 springs

I have ordered the following as well but not sure IF I'll convert the truck or build a new one LOL (Probably end up building another one from an SMT10 or something)-

Pro-Line Dodge Ram 1500 crawler body (single cab long box 12.3" wheel base)
Hot Racing Wraith link kit
Hot Racing Wraith F+R sway bar kit
Hot Racing Wraith driveshafts
Xtra Speed aluminum axle housings
Xtra Speed upper link mounts
Xtra Speed C hubs
Xtra Speed rear lock outs
No name Axial style lower link mounts for dual shocks
STRC differential covers
Savox 0251MG servo
Power HD 3688HD servo
MCI decals for the Raminator truck

It should have full aluminum stock axles, I should only need to order CPE differential gears, and an aluminum trans case(probably order next week).