Closing RCMT


Unfortunately RCMT has reached the point where it costs more money to host it then it brings in. So just wanted to get some feedback and chat about the future of RCMT. Has it run it's course or what shall we do with it.


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Can it be moved to FB without too much hassle? I would recommend not keeping it going because there are better platforms out there at this point.


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It is unfortunate the direction things have gone. IMO Forums are valuable for the sake of the content that is accessible. FB is instant and then gone. Try to find a post relative to something that you are interested won't happen. I would hate to see it go even though I am not on here as much as the past...but I do refer back to it a lot. I have a site that I am at the same point...

I hope it doesn't go away...


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There really are not better platforms for this kind of information. Especially for people like me that won't touch Facebook with a ten foot pole. There is so much info being lost as forums shut down. There is stuff on here from back in the day that would be a shame to loose.

What are the total yearly costs? And is there any way to bring more people in? Mt's seem to be coming back.

PJ Westhoff

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Facebook is a waste fourms is where it's at for cataloging information for tine to come. I hope you look at your operating costs and figure out a way to continue. Im involved in 2 other boards and we have found a way to keep them up. No one gets paid to run them but they are still on the web.


While I still believe forums are better than Facebook for archiving and searching for info, I'm as guilty as anyone of not bothering to log in and check them very often any more. It's a shame to see another forum go, I'd really like to see them make a comeback but I also feel a bit hypocritical in my opinion. This is true of any of my hobbies, too. It's not just that I don't come to this forum, it's that I don't spend the time sat in front of a PC looking at any type of forum that I used to (might have something to do with having kids... mine are 5 and 9, so it's hard to distinguish the downfall of forums in general from my personal time diminishing as they happened concurrently) and I don't find forums particularly convenient on a smartphone, even with Tapatalk.


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I've not been active on here for a very long time unfortunately but i have fond memories.
Is it still the same owner / person who runs the site as about 10 years ago?

Dominick Shauntee

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unfortunately this is first time i have logged into RCMT in a year i catch up with most of my Guys on Facebook most of the really old post and info i really treasured disappeared on first 2 board moves LONG ago .. I would say if can't find a way to keep it open reasonably or find someone still here thats wants to take over ... I would close it ....


I haven't logged into the site in many many years. my recommendation would be to let the site die and move to reddit. I did love the site quite a bit when i was still messing with RC trucks. thank you for taking the time and expense for this all of these years.


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I think I'm in the same boat as the others that have posted. Hobbies change as time changes. I still get a truck out here and there but not very often.
I haven't posted on this board for probably 7-8 years all though I do check in a couple times a year. Good luck with whatever you decide.



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For nostalgia purposes, I'm like "noooooooooooooo!" But honestly, do what's best for the owners. Not that I don't care, just ... yeah


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Please do not kill this forum!

Facebook is all about instant gratification for the selfie-flaunting "look at me" crowd. I too refuse to go anywhere near it. Forums are infinitely better when it comes to the organization of topics and being able to retrieve archived information. There are many forums out there that are still flourishing (I will provide examples if that becomes relevant to this discussion), and RC monster trucks are making a comeback (not to say that they ever actually lost popularity).


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The owners have to do what makes sense for them. My first reaction is no please don’t close it but personally I have not been active on here for a few years and only logged on every few months to see what is going on. Judging by the activity I saw in those rare times I got on traffic is very slow. It’s the same on the “other” MT forum as well. I’m guessing it’s a combination of the platform (Internet forum) and subject matter. While I have great memories here and have met some top shelf people it might be time to shut it down. :-(


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I hate to see the site go, but I see the activity is really low. I’ve had amazing conversations here and I love reading through them, but I really don’t see a lot of new stuff. It’s also unfortunate that a lot of the photos are lost from threads now, too.
If it shuts down I’ll miss everyone, but I understand how things work.


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Like the others, I agree Facebook isn’t the right path. I’m not on it and never will be. You also might be surprised what happens with Facebook in 5-10 years. The younger generation already prefers other platforms than Facebook and it’s not growing like it used to.

This has been a great resource for me! Unfortunately like the others I haven’t had the time to spend on this hobby as I did in the past and haven’t checked in a while. I do occasionally just ghost the forum reading what people have done without signing in.

I’m amazed at what all of you have built!


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It is a shame that this part of the hobby has slowed so much. I always enjoyed the inventiveness that people displayed with their trucks. In my area I don't see anyone anymore with a MT... If it's too costly now time to move on... Was fun to come and see what was happening...

Demon Dag

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First time I've logged in in months if not a year now...
Facebook sucks for forum type info, like others have said. I am a member from long ago, but that info is lost to time with the board renewals, like numerous forums I'm part of anymore.
The choice is up to you I hope it sticks around, but understand if not.

I am friends with other forum owners, I can talk to them and see where they host things and how much they pay?