Candymans AR60 based Monster Truck build


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Lightened the gearbox mount on the inside as it was a bit chunky.

Got a little tiny shift servo and the traxxas linkage from a summit i think. The horn is a different size spline so I have to cut up the servo horn and fit it inside the traxxas one.

first I put a ball joint on both ends but the output from the gearbox spins freely so the whole thing just flopped around, I dont know why I didnt think of that before!

So I cut a slot in it and fitted a little bar, the servo and lever are inline so now it only moves on 1 axis

test fit of electronics

Shift servo hides in there



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havent seen a 40band receiver in forever! used to be nice to have them when everyone else was running 75 and 27...i used to like 27 band, cause very few had 27, much less 27 FM, so glitches and being"keyed on" were much less...

r/c'ers nowadays dont know the struggle before 2.4mhz...

test fit of electronics