Buy Sell trade rules - 60 posts and 60 days minimum

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william g

RCMT is NOT responsible for any deals, trades, or sales. By using this section you are on your own. If a deal sounds to good walk away.

Rules are subject to change

Members voted and we have a strict 60 posts, 60 days membership minimum. No exceptions unless you have a moderators permission first.

No illegal or illicit items, no fire arms or items used as weapons should be traded here.

When you want a thread closed, please edit it, change-edit the title to closed or done or delete.

No more than 1 post thread per person. Only exception is a supporting manufacturer may have a sticky as well as a sale thread.

Thread bumpuing, if your post-thread is still say in the top 15 don't bump it for the sake of bumping. Your thread may vaporize. Adding items or price drop is acceptable.

You must post an asking price, this is not an auction site. You may put ''or best offer'' after posting an asking price.

Paypal's own rules prohibit asking for "gift" payments, do not post gift in any add, sale, or trade type threads.

If you are unsure of any rule ask before posting.

Any thread or threads not conforming to the rules listed will be removed.

William F Gamer Administrator

2. Mark Thread as SOLD. Sold something in the B/S/T section? By using the "Thread Tools" drop down there is now a NEW option to mark the thread as sold. This will add a prefix to the thread "SOLD" as well as close the thread. At any time the poster/seller wants they can re-open the thread if they need to by using the appropriate option in the thread tools drop down memodification. Basicaly this is doing multiple steps in one easy click.

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