Body paint


Hi guys,

I would like to achieve this color. I am thinking about those Colors

Tamiya translucent red ps-37 or Tamiya translucent orange ps-43
Tamiya copper ps-14 with either Tamiya metallic orange ps-61 or Tamiya metallic red ps-15
Tamiya white ps-1 or black ps-5

All are not needed of course but some seems mandatory. Red, orange/copper and metallic effect.

So I could go with PS-37 as a first 2 to 3 coats, then 1 coat of PS-61 then 1 coat of PS-14 till the desired tint, then back with ps-1 or ps-5 depending on the tone.

What do you think ?

For chrome, i will use spaz stix backed with black.
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