Blaze's Trophy truck build!


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started this awhile ago but never really posted...

the beginning

Front end off a truggy axle is home built WK
mock up

Axle mounted and done!

tranny mounted:)

it uses a never seen before 4 link setup B)

i still need a spur gear (83t) and pinion (26-27)

whaataya think?!


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I would suggest switching the rear axle to a narrowed madforce axle will be alot more durable,

Here is my custom solid axle truck, it's VERY durable, it tumbled down the road at about 60mph and nothing cracked or broke.


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Thx mate, right now im just going to use it at my LHS/T the track there is very small so im not to conserned about breakage(yet).

Track here