BEEFY TopShaft & Slipper Combo

Supreme Reign

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Can someone justify the need and price for me?? $68?? That's more than I could by a complete trans for. Is the need for a Robinson Steel Slipper Combo that great?? I only plan on running 2S and 3S power?? That price, though.

william g

Personally, I believe running 2 or 3s no it's not needed. 4s-6s yes I can see where a better slipper is needed.
On 2s run the slipper tight, virtually no slippage and you should be good. The gears are robust enough that 2s power shouldn't do harm. This is another reason why I like to run plastic drive shafts like the revo type.

If you like to use a slipper as a form of traction control then yes, you will need to run a beefy more robust slipper.


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I've never had a problem with the stock slipper even when I was running the Tekin T8 2650kv on 4S. I ate up a lot of other parts, but never had a problem with the stock trans.